1. What is Flash Sale?

Flash sale is a period of registration where all participants who register on designated period will automatically received free additional products: a pair of exclusive Newton running socks for Half Marathon (21.1K) National or 10K National or 5K National registration

2. When is the Flash Sale?

Flash Sale will start on Monday, 17 July 2017  from 11:00am until Wednesday, 19 July 2017 11:00pm (Jakarta Time) 

Normal period registration will start on Thursday, 20 July 2017 at 01:00am (Jakarta Time)

3. Where will the 2XU Compression Run Indonesia 2017 be held?

The race venue is at Scientia Square Park Summarecon Serpong. 

Jalan Scientia Boulevard, Gading Serpong, Tangerang, Banten 15810.

4. When the 2XU Compression Run Indonesia 2017 will be held?

The race will be held on Sunday, 26 November 2017.

5. How can I register for this race?

You can register online only at www.2xucompressionrun.id

6. When is the registration open?

The registration will open from Monday, 17 July 2017 until Wednesday, 01 November 2017 or closed earlier if all slots are already sold out.

7. How much is the registration fee?

The entry fee for one participant is:

  • Half Marathon (21.1K) National: IDR625,000 (including Dryfit Original 2XU race tee and Dryfit Original 2XU finisher tee)
  • 10K National: IDR400,000 (including Dryfit Original 2XU race tee)
  • 5K National: IDR350,000 (including Dryfit Original 2XU race tee)

8. What is the race entitlement?

Participant of the Race will be entitled to:

  • Dryfit Original 2XU race tee for Half Marathon (21.1K) National, 10K National and 5K National category
  • Dryfit Original 2XU finisher tee for Half Marathon (21.1K) National participant who finishes the Half Marathon (21.1K) National category
  • Finisher medal for participant who finishes his/her race category
  • Bib number and safety pins
  • Timing Tag
  • Race bag
  • Race guide
  • Life insurance from Astra Life (applicable during race only)
  • 20% discount voucher at 2XU store (Kota Kasablanka Mall) OR Key Power Sports stores (Gandaria City Mall and Mall Kelapa Gading 2)

9. What does the National category mean?

The national category means the race is open for Indonesians and the winners podiums are for Indonesians ONLY.

10. What if a participant is a foreigner and wants to join the national category?

Foreigners are allowed to register for the national category but will be not entitled to the national category podium.

11. How do I know if I have been officially registered?

Upon successful registration, the registration confirmation slip will appear on your computer screen that is available for printing. A confirmation email will also be sent to the email address that you provide during registration. Please make sure you enter a valid email address.

12. Should I choose not to participate after I have registered for the event, can I withdraw?

Yes, you can withdraw from the Race. Please note that pursuant to our withdrawal policy that no refund will be given. But you are still entitled to collect the race pack.

13. What is the withdrawal policy of the race?

Any registrant who chooses not to participate in the Race for any reason will not receive a refund. Race slots are strictly non-transferable to other person.

14. Can I change my race category after submitting my registration?

No, You are not allowed to change your race category. If you want to race other category, you need to register again. So, please make sure of your choice of race category before doing the registration.

15. Is it still possible to make changes to the registration data that I have provided after registration?

Yes. Corrections may be made to some registration data you have provided as long as the registration is still open. Change of data can be done (1) by login to the registration system and change the data, (2) by dropping us an email at info@run.web.id with the changes of data in your details. We reserve the right to request confirmation from you of the updated information prior to implementing such changes.

Registration data that cannot be changed is name of participant and size of race shirt (and size of finisher shirt for Half Marathon (21.1K) National).

16. What should I do if I have accidentally deleted my confirmation email?

Please send a request email to info@run.web.id. We will resend the registration confirmation slip to the email address you provided.

17. What are the Race categories?

  • Half Marathon (21.1K) National
  • 10K National
  • 5K National

18. What are the payment modes for the registration fee?

Participants pay by credit card OR ATM transfer through Virtual Account.

19. Is the online registration system secure?

Yes. Our registration site is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) coded. A security protocol which is used and reflected by HTTP Secure (https) in the website address to represent a secure connection. For credit card payment, 3D Secure technology is implemented.

20. Is it mandatory to pick up my Race Pack?

Yes. As the Race Pack includes Dryfit Original 2XU shirt and your bib number with timing tag. The bib number with timing tag has to be wear during race.

21. Can the race pack be posted to participants?

No. You must collect your race pack collection according to the scheduled race pack collection days.

22. Can someone else pick up my Race Pack on my behalf?

Yes, you can have someone else pick up your Race Pack on your behalf. You need to issue that person a letter of authorization and a copy of your KTP/SIM/Passport/KITAS.

Your representative must present a complete and signed Letter of Authorization, a copy of your Confirmation email and a copy of your ID.

23. Is it possible to collect my Race Pack on Race Day?

No. The race pack must be collected according to the scheduled race pack collection days.

24. Where can I leave my belongings?

Baggage deposit will be made available to all participants. Participants are advised to arrive early to deposit their bags to avoid delays.

While maximum care and security will be enforced, the organizers will not be responsible for any lost or damaged items or delays in retrieving bags.

25. Is it mandatory to wear the bib number?

Yes, it is mandatory for participants to use the bib number. A timing tag will be attached to bib number to record your race time and to make sure participants are running in the correct route.

If the bib number is not used, your race time cannot be recorded therefore your race result will not be publised. In addition, the participant is not entitled to finisher medal and Half Marathon finisher tee (for Half Marathon (21.1K) National). 

26. Do I need to return the bib number with timing tag on completing the Race?

No. The bib number and timing tag is disposable. You can bring it home for souvenir.

27. What is the Race Route?

The race route will be published once it has been confirmed.

28. What is the cut-off time for the race?

Half Marathon (21.1K) National participants will need to finish the Race within three and half (3.5) hours from the Half Marathon (21.1K) National flag off time.
10K National participants will need to finish the Race within two (2) hours from the 10K National flag off time.
5K National participants will need to finish the Race within one (1) hour from the 5K National flag off time.

Participants who fail to meet this cut-off time will be disqualified: they will not receive the finisher medal and finisher tee (for Half Marathon (21.1K) National) and their race results will not be published.

29. What entitlement will participants get after finishing the race?

The finisher of all categories will get finisher medal, hydration and fruits. ONLY the Half Marathon (21.1K) National finisher will get the Dryfit Original 2XU Finisher tee.

30. What are the measurements of the 2XU Compression Run Indonesia 2017 race shirt?

Please measure your sizing based on the sizing table above before selecting your shirt size. 

Measurements are in cm.  Actual size may have a +/- 1 cm variation from the size chart above.

31. What are the measurements of the Dryfit Original 2XU finisher shirt?

Please measure your sizing based on the sizing table above before selecting your shirt size. 

Measurements are in cm.  Actual size may have a +/- 1 cm variation from the size chart above.

32. What if the race shirt does not fit me? Can I exchange for a different size?

No, you cannot exchange for a different size. Please refer to the sizing chart prior to registering.

If some size of the race shirt or finisher shirt is SOLD OUT, the size will not appear for selection during registration. Kindly select the next closest size available. Please do not proceed with the registration if you do not wish to select another size. Exchange will not be allowed in this case as well.

Kindly note that any request for changes in sizes will not be entertained.

33. What drinks will be available for participants during race?

Pocari Sweat and Water will be available at the Hydration Points on the course and refreshment tents at the finish area.

34. Are walkers permitted to participate in the 2XU Compression Run Indonesia 2017?

Yes. Should you wish to walk during the Race, kindly keep to the outer side of the route to allow faster competitors to pass. Please make sure you finish the race within the cut off time for each category.

35. May I bring my pet with me for the Race?

No. Pets are strictly not allowed at the event site.

36. Will participants be allows to use bikes, skates or baby strollers during race on the race course?

No. Participants may not use or otherwise have bikes, skates or baby strollers on the race course.

37. How the podium winners are decided?

Results of all podium winners and rangkings will be based on the Gun Time. Runners who are competing for podium prize are advised to start in the front row. Race results will be published on the website.

38. How do I get to the Race Site?

You can reach the race site by means of (1) car (2) taxi (3) shuttle buses that will be provided by organizers.

39. Will there be road closures?

Yes, there will be road closures. Information will be provided in the race website at www.2xucompressionrun.id and in the race guide.

40. Will there be parking facilities at the Race area?

Yes. Parking facilities will be advised at a later date. Information will be provided in the official race website at www.2xucompressionrun.id and in the race guide.

41. Where can I find the race information?

You can access the race information on the official race website of the race at www.2xucompressionrun.id.

42. Who can I contact for more information?

If you would like additional information please contact us at info@run.web.id.